Wilf Tray (Shildon AFC)


How long have you supported Shildon? I have supported Shildon since I got married and moved there in 1984, before that I had supported my hometown club Evenwood Town.

Fave ex player? I’m going to say Ian Watson because I know it will make his day when he finds out. Cracking player and a good lad.

Fave current player? I think Darren Richardson.  He would run through a brick wall and would shoulder charge his Granny if it got him the ball.

What makes Non-League so special? I love the Northern League and never miss a Shildon game, if we aren’t playing I go to watch another local side.  There are no mamby pamby prima donnas or cheats.

What makes Shildon so special? My own club are just one big happy family, every single person that helps out is a volunteer.  The only people who get paid are the players.  As the saying goes volunteers aren’t paid not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.  We are in it together and I just wish we could win something because a lot of our young supporters have never seen us win anything.

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