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News: Hebburn Town launch plea for support as threat of closure grows

Hebburn Town launch plea for support as threat of closure grows

EBAC Northern League Division Two club Hebburn Town have made a passionate plea for the local community to get behind them as falling attendances threaten the immediate future of the club.

The resurgance of South Shields seems to have had a negative impact on their South Tyneside neighbours, with one recent fixture having only sixteen people in attendance.



Match Report: Hebburn Town 0 South Shields 1 (Phil Hurst)

Match Report Monday 31st  August 2015

Hebburn Town 0 South Shields 1


I’ve never seen the sitcom ‘Hebburn’, tending to shy away from anything that smacks of Tyneside pastiche, a reinforcement of the southern prejudice which tends to view life in this region as an amusing hybrid of Viz comic and ‘When The Boat Comes In’. Nevertheless, the good folk of the town seem quite proud of their recent celebrity, and I suppose it’s better to be immortalised in the national psyche for something more positive than grinding poverty and desperation, the fate of the settlement a couple of miles downriver. However you dress it up, it still didn’t seem the obvious Bank Holiday destination. But it did have one significant attraction in its favour on a morning of relentless Stygian gloom.  (more…)