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Groundhopper : Broughty Athletic 2 Lochee United 3 (3/6/17) (Malcolm Stephenson)

Broughty Athletic 2 Lochee United 3 (3/6/17).

It might be June and I am still finding the odd game and new ground to go to. I knew I could always rely on Scotland for a match. Today entailed a trip on the train to Dundee as Broughty Athletic play on the outskirts of the City for the Scottish Junior East Region Super league game. (more…)

Groundhopper: Hill of Beath Hawthorn Junior FC 0 Lochee United 2 (20/5/17). (Malcolm Stephenson)

Hill of Beath Hawthorn Junior FC 0 Lochee United 0 (20/5/17).


I travelled by car to this one with two other lads although they were not going to the same game as myself. Hill of Beath is on the outskirts of Cowdenbeath and near to Dunfermline. My two travelling companions were going to take in Cowdenbeath V East Kilbride in the Scottish Division two play-off second leg. Of course I had already been to Central Park many years ago so it Hill Of Beath for me as was a new ground not visited.  (more…)

Groundhopper : Barton Town Old Boys 4 Parkgate 5 (29/4/17). (Malcolm Stephenson)

Barton Town Old Boys 4 Parkgate 5 (29/4/17).


Blyth’s season might be now over but there are hopefully a few more matches for me to get to before the season is finally over across the country. On the final Saturday in April I decided upon Barton Town Old Boys in the North East Counties league Premier Division.   (more…)

Groundhopper: Blackpool Wren Rovers 11 Crookland’s Casuals 0 (1/4/17). (Malcolm Stephenson)

Blackpool Wren Rovers 11 Crookland’s Casuals 0 (1/4/17).

Last night I was in Manchester for Maine Road’s game against West Didsbury and Chorley. Unfortunately that game was abandoned on 55 minutes due to a bad elbow injury where the player could not be moved. I thought I would be in better luck next day with my trip to AFC Blackpool. (more…)

Groundhopper: Penistone Church 3 Rossington Main 0 (4/3/17) (Malcolm Stephenson)

Penistone Church 3 Rossington Main 0 (4/3/17)


I started the week with a trip to Wealdstone in mind but engineering works on the trains put paid to that. I would have had to endure at two and a half hour coach from York back to Newcastle. No thanks. I had then pencilled in Liversedge but on the way there the twitter feed came on saying the game was off. Plan C was put into operation and that was to go on Pensitone Church FC instead with fingers crossed that game as still on. I went by car today and it was a relatively straight journey down the A1/M1 with a short turn off for Penistone. Driving into the Town there was an impressive and functioning railway bridge into Pensitone. Amazingly the place had managed to avoid the railway Beeching cuts from 1963. (more…)

Groundhopper: Edinburgh City 0 Clyde 0. (4/2/17). 


When is a visit to a new ground not a visit to a new ground? That is the question. I was actually here at the Meadowbank Stadium about 36 years ago. Then a team called Meadowbank Thistle was in existence but the club moved and changed their name to Livingston. I had not seen Edinburgh City play or have a home programme in my collection, so in my own mind I had to go back. Maybe a bit hair splitting, but there you go. I still do not think I am like a few anorak ground hoppers who do not include a visit to a new ground unless a goal is scored! At least I am not that bad.  (more…)

Groundhopper: Coalville Town 0 Blyth Spartans 1- (7/1/17). (Malcolm Stephenson)

Coalville Town 0 Blyth Spartans 1- (7/1/17).





It’s the first new ground of the year for me and even better as it was to see my team, Blyth Spartans, play on the day. Coalville is in Leicestershire but there is no train station here. For the train buffs the nearest one is Loughborough about 12 miles away. I travelled by car with a fellow Blyth fan to this game and it’s always good to have company along the way. The journey took about 3 hours or so from Newcastle. (more…)

Groundhopper: West Ham United 1 Burnley 0 (14/12/16). (Malcolm Stephenson)

West Ham United 1 Burnley 0 (14/12/16).




I had been waiting several months to do this trip. It’s not easy to get in these days as home fans who are not season ticket holders have to go into a ballot for the chance to see a game. I was not willing to go down that route so joined the Burnley ticket line instead. My reckoning was that Burnley would not take 3,000 fans down to London midweek the week before Christmas. I know at least one other groundhopper who had the same idea as me. Unfortunately they moved the match from the original Tuesday 13th December to the next day as West Ham had been playing the previous Sunday. I had my hotel and train ticket all booked up for the Tuesday. Instead I had to buy another train ticket and book another hotel so managed to attend Enfield on the Tuesday night. It was another new ground to visit so I could not grumble. I got a ticked through Burnley without any problem. (more…)