Diary of a youth player



Jack Cameron made his first appearance on 01/09/2009

A bit of background about the little man himself:

Jack was born into a family of football fans (with the exception of his older sister to whom football is a swear word)

His elder brother is a football fanatic and has been a Darlo fan since he was very young. Jack’s mam is also a Darlo fan and is currently a board member of the Darlington FC Supporters Group.

Darlington now pride themselves on their youth set up and are hoping to build on that going forward and to create a centre of excellence.

Jack started to attend MGFA (Martin Gray Football Academy) when he was the ripe old age of 3 he took a short break but became a regular again when the academy expanded and commenced sessions in Darlington.

Currently nothing excites him more than football, counting down the ‘sleeps’ until his next session. He tries his best, he gets knocked down but he gets straight back up again, on occasion you can see in his face that he wants to cry but he wont give in. He still cant quite understand why if in his opinion & ours he was one of the better players there that he doesn’t win the trophy that week & the disappointment is very obvious. None more obvious than a recent session where he spat the preverbal dummy out and even refused to wait for a sticker to say well done and insisted on going home & sulking.

It was via MGFA that Jack now 6 very recently earned his status as Darlo’s no.9 for the under 6’s. He amongst others still train as part of MGFA little strikers under the watchful eye of the coaches there and the youth coach Lee Nicholson.

Via this blog I hope to record the ups, the downs and document his journey through the Darlo youth system.

Darlington Under 6s play in their first tournament!

Darlington Under 6s. Jack Cameron, Tobias Slade, coach Matty Pennal, Joe Webster, Mason Theaker and Apo Bakan

Darlington Under 6s.
Jack Cameron, Tobias Slade, coach Matty Pennal, Joe Webster, Mason Theaker and Apo Bakan


Darlington Youth’s new team, the Under 6s, have just taken part in their first tournament – and thoroughly enjoyed it!

The youngsters, looking the part in their Darlington Building Society shirts, travelled to Redheugh with their parents for a round robin tournament against seven other teams, and had a great time.

Lee Nicholson, the chairman of Darlington Youth FC, said; “They played in a mini round robin tournament, and played against three other clubs on Redheugh’s 3G surface. They probably had about an hour’s football in that time.

“There are more tournaments coming up soon, and it would be great to have more players interested. We would love to form a second team at under 6 level. They play five a side until the age of 9, when teams are seven-a-side.”

As part of the structure, the club has now appointed Matty Pennal as a “Go to” person for the teams up to Under 9. Matty will help coaches, players and parents with any queries they have.

If you want to start playing for Darlington Youth FC at any level, then contact Lee on 07950 471331.

We’re sure that all Darlo fans will wish the Under 6s all the best in their football careers!



Under 6’s receive their new training kit

Darlo under 6 player of the week