Michael Cook (Alnwick Town)

How long supported your club? I’ve been a season ticket holder since the club returned to the Northern League in 2011/12, but I’ve been watching Alnwick on and off for around 20 years.
First match? Can’t remember the team, but I can remember standing behind the goal with my Dad at a night match for my first game. Pretty sure we won!
Fave ex-player? Torn between a couple of players. James Swordy scored a boat load of goals for the club for a long period of time. Mati Halambiec was only here for about a year but could almost single handedly win a game of football.
Fave current player? Can’t decide between Tony Brown and Bryan Murray. Tony simply for having the ability to take a set piece with either foot (multi-talented), and Muzza for wearing his heart on his sleeve when he’s playing, and when he’s watching on the sidelines (suspended).
What makes non-league so special? Largely it’s because what you see is what you get. The Premier League will eventually rip football apart at a higher level due to the finances required to maintain it. At non-league you can get in to a ground, programme, pint and a pie for around a tenner. Value for money.
What makes your club so special? You’re able to relate to and associate with the players at the club. After a game in the clubhouse players will talk to the fans. They’ll have a pint with you. Best of all, you know they aren’t there for the money as there simply isn’t any!

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