Matthew Burdess (Esh Winning)

Matthew Burdess

How long have you supported your club?

I have to be honest I have just started to get involved with Esh Winning AFC this season. I have looked out for their scores all last season and the season before though, as I do with all the County Durham clubs.

First match?

My first match was when I attended as an assistant referee in the season 12-13. It was my first game as an assistant referee on The Northern League stage. I cannot remember who they were playing however. Maybe it was nerves which made me forget!!!

Fave ex-player?

Well I’m too young really to know any ex-players in The Northern League therefore I think I would have to go with Alan Shearer.

Fave current player

Richard Hodgson (Formerly Crook Town)

What makes non-league so special?

The fact that no matter which club you go to you are always made to feel welcome. The friendly atmosphere at all of the grounds makes the league so special.

What makes Your club so special?

Our ground has argueably the best views in The Northern League. The club is not about making money and having the biggest squad in the league it is purely about providing a fun day out at the footie for all.

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