Mark Patrick Doherty


Club: Harrogate Railway

Supported since: I’m relatively new to the Non-League, getting involved in photographing the teams and this is my first full season of going regularly. In the 2014/15 season, I’ve been to all Harrogate Railway’s games – home and away (except a couple of away games at the very start).

First game? The pre-season match against local rivals Harrogate Town, who are two leagues above Railway.

Favourite Past Player – Favourite Current Player: I couldn’t possibly answer this, as every player who has played for Railway this season has been outstanding. They’ve played like a team, not individuals and that is why they have achieved so much this season.

Favourite moment supporting your club: My favourite moment was in the FA Cup run, playing Colwyn Bay away. It was a great day out and fantastic team performance, only just losing the tie, but giving the hosts such a scare in the 90 minutes.

What’s special about your club: The club is all about community and creating an environment where the players enjoy playing and the fans enjoy being a part of the club.

What’s special about non league? It is all about players who want to play and care about playing. That passion is what football is all about and what makes non league so special.



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