Malcolm Stephenson (Groundhopper)

malcolm stephenson

Name: Malcolm Stephenson

How long have you watched non league football?  I have been watching non league football since Blyth Spartans v Burscough in 1977 and went to my first Football league game in 1967.

Favourite non league past player? Richie Bond (007). Tremendous striker and a great personality. A real hit with the fans who will still say hello if you met him in the street tomorrow

 Favourite non league current player? The enigma of Robert Dale. Loves the club. Will even chat to fans during a lull in the match. Can turn his magic on in an instant when you least expect. Always makes me proud to see players having pride in the green and white of Blyth Spartans. Arguably one of the most famous Non league clubs in the World

 What’s so special about non league? Non league football is ‘proper’ British football. The Premier league is largely just a bunch of foreigners playing for every club. Non league lads hold down a job on top of their football career. Its hard and tough at non league level. Long trips every other Saturday for a wage not likely to pay off your mortgage! I also enjoy my trips to new non league grounds. I always admire everyone behind the scenes doing everything for their club for no pay. You seem a  part of a club at non league level. You know everyone

 Favourite non league ground and why? Apart from Croft Park i always liked Appleby Park, North Shields, which I thought was one of the best non-league grounds in the area. So sad its gone now

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