Liam Shepherd (Barrow)


How long supported your club?
Kept a keen interest all my life, got ‘hooked’ 6 years ago

First match?
I will claim the FA Trophy Final in 1990 – my mum was 3 months pregnant with me at the time!

Fave ex-player?
Matt Henney

Fave current player?
Andy Cook (aka goal machine)

What makes non-league so special?
The horrendous burgers and hot dogs, the exposure to the elements and the fact ‘Corporate Hospitality’ consists of pie and peas and a few cans. The closeness the fans have to the club and the knowledge that your individual support really does make a difference to them

What makes Your club so special?
Because its hated by all. The fact its located at the arse end of nowhere. The knowledge there has never been a club in the land who has looked forward to coming up to Barrow to play us. The ability to inflict decades of pain and suffering on its fans, but sprinkle it with little nuggets of joy and expectation. Our longevity, and the ability of the team to promote the town in a positive light, against the backdrop of negativity associated with the town

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