Craig Dobson (West Allotment Celtic)

craig wacfc

How long have you supported West Allotment Celtic? Two years although it would have been a lot longer if I had known just how close they were to my house

First match? Selby Town at home in the FA Cup, right at the start of the 2012/13 season.  We won 2-1 but it was hardly a classic

Favourite ex player? Aiden Ames, he was a quality goalkeeper but we haven’t seen him since he incurred a string of knee injuries

Favourite current player? David Dormand, he is a forward but he covers so much ground. He knows when to keep it simple for the benefit of the team and he scores a decent amount too

What makes Non-League Football so special? There’s nowhere near as much excessive elaboration at this level – it’s two teams desperately wanting to win, and that often produces a fantastic spectacle. Every voice on the touchline counts and can be heard. The levels of interaction between players, clubs and fans is as personal as it gets, which can only be a good thing.

What is so special about West Allotment Celtic? There’s a fantastic core of characters at the club, dedicated fans and a welcoming and ambitious committee. A lot of visitors point to the excellent playing surface at Whitley Park, but it’s the people that make Allotment what it is.

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