Brian Hastings (Seaham Red Star)


How long supported your club? I have had an interest in Red Star since their formation but have only been attending matches regularly on the committee this season

First match? Have been to odd games over the years but officially Heaton away first match of this season

Fave ex-player? Cant comment on this really

Fave current player? Lewis Wing, Sonny Andrews and Lee Kerr are all favourites

What makes non-league so special? So many factors, history and tradition are important to me, great football banter. Then there are friendships, lack of media hype, quality of football, passion of the crowds that are many values I hold dearly . You see the endeavour from players and how clubs are preserving the identity of places. All reason I have followed Northern League matches since I was a teenager

What makes Your club so special? Red Star have a marvellous history and tradition and one that is full of very knowledgeable football people. It’s a true footballing town. We have hard working and honest committee members and I hold the people of Seaham close to my heart and would be very happy if I can contribute to the well being of the Seaham people through being active with the football club

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