Andrew McDonnell (Bedlington Terriers)

How long have you supported your club?

I have supported Bedlington for as long as I can remember, I can remember my grandad and dad used to take me and we stood behind the goal at every single match, same spot every game and when I look back that’s what got me into football

What was your first match?
My first match that I can really remember seeing was about 8/9 years ago, bedlington were playing in what I think was the quarter or semi final of the FA Vase, the ground was packed, not a single seat or space to be seen, and our striker was through on goalie the 90th minute and the keeper brought him down and the ref didn’t give a penalty. The game went to a penalty shootout where I was standing on the edge of the pitch but bedlington lost.

Who is your favourite ex-player?
My favourite ex player has to be Mark Doninger, he played in a forward midfield role and he was by far the best player I have seen play by a mile, real quality, don’t know what he was doing in the northern league, but the season and a half he played he set the league alight. Pure quality and he now plays in Australia now, plays in their second division so it just goes to show what a player he is.

Who is your favourite current player?
My favourite current player is a lad a year or two older than me called Dylan Williamson, real class about the way he plays his game. He is a striker and a clinical finisher, if you give him half a chance he will finish it, last season through the troubles he single handedly pulled us away from relegation and has now carried that form on into this season and he always speaks when he is walking around the ground. since I was a young lad, I thoroughly enjoy going up and watching Bedlington play.

What makes your club special?
There are many reasons that makes our club so special, the main reason being it is a rollercoaster ride being a Bedlington supporter. From reaching the second round of the FA Cup in 1999 to almost going bankrupt twice, the good times look as though they have started to come back after the turmoil of 2010-2012. Robert “Bob” Rich started putting money into the club which attracted the big players, but big players meant big wages which almost saw the club go bankrupt, season after saw all the players leave when the money drained, the club finished one place above the relegation place but has not looked back since.

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