Groundhopper: Dronfield Town 1 Pontefract Colliery 1 (11/3/17). (Malcolm Stephenson)

Dronfield Town 1 Pontefract Colliery 1 (11/3/17).




For the second consecutive Saturday I travelled down to South Yorkshire. Last week it was Penistone Church (near Barnsley) this week it was South of Sheffield to Dronfield Town (which is actually in Derbyshire).

I went on my ‘Jack Jones’ to this game in the car. The train was going to be £65 return which was a bit excessive, even in my eyes. It was a straight forward drive down the M1 but the amount of road works these days will keep any workers in the this business, occupied for generations to come.

I had to drive through a part of Sheffield and it was a bit daunting in places as you had trams occupying the roads as well. Nevertheless I got to the HE Barnes Stadium in one piece. I thought the Sat Nav was playing up again as it took me through this housing estate and stated I had reached my destination. There was no ground and I thought the Sat Nav had pulled yet another fast one as it often does. However I spotted some floodlights and a ground was nearby. Mr Sat Nav had not been humorous after all.

There is only one entrance to the ground and you are immediately faced with the changing rooms, social club and food shop all in the same building. The pitch is on a bit of a hill and you walk down about 50ft to the actual pitch. There is a covered seating area but I could not spot anything similar for standing supporters. There was a bit of hard standing near the seats and I wonder if a cover had been there and blown off at some point. Apart from the floodlights and dugout that’s about it to the ground. The capacity is 500 with 80 seats

Dronfield Town have been around since the 1890’s. Over the years they have had numerous folding episodes and more comebacks than Frank Sinatra when he was alive. The current club formed about 1998. They played in more local leagues until 2013 when they were promoted to the North east Counties league.

Today’s opponents were Pontefract Colliery who are going for Promotion this season. The game kicked off and the visitors were awarded a penalty in the first minute. However they missed it and probably rued that chance as the home side took the lead on 9 minutes with a header. Despite the home lead the visitors were starting to get on top. Their efforts paid off when they were awarded a

second penalty of the afternoon on 31 minutes. Not only that but a Dronfield player was sent off for the challenge. The home side faced an hour with only 10 men. Pontefract scored from the penalty to level the scores.

The teams went into the break 1-1 and that’s how the game remained. The Home side dug on and held on for the draw despite a lot of pressure from the visitors. Dronfield also had their goalkeeper to thank who made several match saving stops. He had been so good a few Pontefract fans sportingly shook his hand at the end of the game. You do not see that sort of thing very often in Professional football do you? It was good advert for Non league football and I enjoyed the game as always.

I met up with long term friend, Nick, at the game and dropped him off in Haxby (near York) on the way home. I returned by the A19 and what a difference it made from the motorway and the multitude of roadwork’s. I might go back that way in future from now on.

Last week Blyth Spartans (my team) were winning 2-0 then lost 3-2. This week they were losing 2-0 but pulled back to 2-2 with promotion chasing Buxton. My trip home was more enjoyable this week than last! Happy days.




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