Groundhopper: Penistone Church 3 Rossington Main 0 (4/3/17) (Malcolm Stephenson)

Penistone Church 3 Rossington Main 0 (4/3/17)


I started the week with a trip to Wealdstone in mind but engineering works on the trains put paid to that. I would have had to endure at two and a half hour coach from York back to Newcastle. No thanks. I had then pencilled in Liversedge but on the way there the twitter feed came on saying the game was off. Plan C was put into operation and that was to go on Pensitone Church FC instead with fingers crossed that game as still on. I went by car today and it was a relatively straight journey down the A1/M1 with a short turn off for Penistone. Driving into the Town there was an impressive and functioning railway bridge into Pensitone. Amazingly the place had managed to avoid the railway Beeching cuts from 1963.


Pensitone is a Market Town 8 miles west of Barnsley and the Memorial ground is at the top of the hill in the Town. Thankfully it was dry and the match was still on. Pensitone Church were formed in 1906 when Pensitone choirboys and Pensitone Juniors amalgamated. For many years they played in local league and it was only recently they club took the step up in the North East Counties league (2014). The club just missed out on promotion last season and are challenging strongly again for promotion to the Premier league of the North East Counties.


The entrance to the ground is behind the goal where all the facilities are located, ie changing rooms, social club etc. Down the left hand side is a narrow covered area for standing and seated supporters. Each side of the pitch has tall floodlights. Adjoining playing fields are behind the far goal and to the right of the pitch. At the top of the ground to the right and behind of the goalpost is a dugout. A dugout facing the other way, away from the other pitch. Another dugout is incorporated into the right hand perimeter fence and that is also facing the other playing field.


Today’s opponents, Rossington Main, are based 33 miles away, just South of Doncaster. Unlike their opponents who are going for promotion, Rossington are struggling in the league near the bottom of the division. The game kicked off and it was not long before the scoring opened with Penistone taking the lead on only 4 minutes. The home side looked to dominate early on and this 1-0 lead was increased 2-0 on 17 minutes. It started to look like one of these games where there was only going to be one clear winner. Try hard as any team would but Rossington struggled to create many clear chances. The afternoon was even better for me as Blyth Spartans had also gone into a 2-0 lead at Sutton Coldfield.


In the second half the Home side continued to dominate once more. Eventually they were rewarded with another goal on 73 minutes and that effectively put the game to bed as it were. That continues Penistone’s push for promotion and Rossington’s avoidance of possible relegation.


The only really dampener on the day was finding Blyth had thrown away their lead and were beaten 3-2 by third bottom Sutton Coldfield. That spoilt my day to some extent. That’s now two defeats for Spartans in less than a week and our lead at the top cut to some extent. Lest hope this is just a temporary blip and Blyth soon get back to winning ways.


Adm- £5

Prog £1.50


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