Match Report: Ryton & Crawcook Albion 3 – 1 Heaton Stannington (Kevin Mochrie)

Ryton & Crawcook Albion 3-1 Heaton Stannington

Friday 20 November 2015



The last Stan match six days ago was a miserable match played in miserable conditions. A weather metaphor was again appropriate as the match was played in clear but bitter conditions with the fans also being left feeling bitter at the final whistle, as well as cold, after the performance they had just witnessed. There were 5 changes including Martin returning in goal and there was no place for top scorer Wright.

The first clear chance was for the Stan in 7 minutes when Rowntree ran through but a Ryton defender made a good tackle in the box. From the resulting corner, Scott headed the ball down but it was blocked and Rowntree’s rebound shot went over the bar. Ryton’s first shot came in 14 minutes when they shot over. 3 minutes later and a ball from Yates on the right into the box saw Rowntree shoot wide. Ryton then attacked and, after a few clearances, saw a shot go high over the bar. In 22 minutes, an attack by Rowntree saw the Ryton keeper advance to the edge of the box which resulted in Rowntree getting past him but his diagonal slow shot was cleared by a Ryton player sliding in. There was a shot at either end before, in the 34th minute, Johnson won the ball for the Stan and passed it to another player who then passed to Rowntree. He beat a defender and shot past the Ryton keeper to make it 1-0 to the Stan. A minute later the Stan supporters were feeling even more optimistic when a long free kick in from Waite saw a glancing header from Yates go wide. Things changed in 36 minutes when Ryton then attacked with a shot going across the goal and just wide. The ball came back in and was cleared for a corner. The ball from the corner went through Martin’s hands and was put out by Imray for another corner before a nearby Ryton player could get to it. From the next corner, a shot was palmed away by Martin only for the ball to be put away by a home player to make it 1-1. Ryton continued to put the pressure on and missed a good opportunity when no one connected with a ball across the Stan box just before half time.

After a quiet start to the second half, Ryhope started to put the pressure on again in the 52nd minute. A ball straight from a Ryton corner was missed by Martin and put out by a defender for another corner. There was then pinball in the Stan box and, after 2 Ryton shots, the ball was eventually cleared. There was then a shot at either end before Ryton took the lead in the 57th minute. A ball into the centre of the box from the right saw the Ryton number 8 score when he got his foot to the ball just before a Stan defender. In 61 minutes, substitute Carrasquillo got back to block a good Ryhope effort. 2 minutes later and Ryton headed over from a corner. The Stan had their first attack for a while in 64 minutes when Rowntree was blocked. The ball was then up the other end and as it came into the Stan box it was intercepted by Waters but headed the wrong way towards goal. With no other defenders about, the nearby Ryton forward was facing towards goal and tapped the ball past Martin to make it 3-1. In 69 minutes, Johnson sent a free kick straight to the home keeper. A minute later and Martin was at full stretch to palm away a Ryton shot after the defence had cleared a first attempt but only to a home player. The Stan were looking increasingly vulnerable and the defence was being particularly tested by tricky winger Josh Holland. In 72 minutes he got past 3 Stan defenders but his shot hit the post. In 79 minutes, Martin made a good save but could not hold the ball and had to eventually punch away another Ryton effort. Ryton continued to pressurise a disjointed looking Stan team although Burns had a good effort deflected for a corner with 2 minutes to go.

A dreadful performance, especially in the second half, saw the Stan beaten 3-1. When later asked for a quote, manager Derek Thompson said that he could not comment as there were women and children present. Let’s hope that he is able to do so after Wednesday’s cup match.

Stan Team: Martin; Waters; Scott, P; Waite (Dixon); Davison (Wear); Imray; Telford (Carrasquillo); Johnson, L; Yates; Rowntree; Burns. Subs unused: Ray; Stoddart.


Kevin Mochrie


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