News: Citizens agree short-term Consett ground share

Citizens agree short-term Consett ground share

After long weeks of uncertainty, Durham City have agreed to ground share with Consett, an agreement ratified by the league.

The club will not be returning to New Ferens Park but has begun the process of finding a new home in Durham.

Sedd Leisure, which owns New Ferens Park and the adjoining Soccarena, had held meetings with club chairman Olivier Bernard and other officials but were unable to reach agreement on the terms of a return to the ground.

A club statement said that the move to Consett would “meet current short term needs” but that the intention was to return to Durham “as soon as is feasibly possible.” The club would be rebuilt on a long term sustainable basis, it said, but added that “short term changes may be needed.”

“Once a location and facilities are agreed, this will be supported by a long term business plan giving a clear focus and direction for the club. Clearly this may take some time,

“The club is very sad at finding itself in this dilemma but we are united in rebuilding Durham City AFC to something supporters can be proud of.”

Olivier Bernard said that the club was particularly grateful to Consett chairman Frank Bell. “He’s been absolutely brilliant and is still helping us – a breath of fresh air.”

A supporters’ meeting with Olivier, Frank Bell and league chairman Mike Amos will be held at Consett’s Belle View ground at 7pm on Sunday November 29.




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