Club Statement: Durham City AFC announce ground share

durham city

Durham City AFC with it’s current ownership has been refused to play out of New Feren’s Park. As such the club needs to find a new location to play it’s Northern League Fixtures.

Agreement has been reached to play it’s home games out of the Belle View Stadium, Delves Lane, Consett which is the home of Consett AFC.

This will meet the club’s current short term needs but it is the clubs intention to return to its home town of Durham as soon as that is feasibly possible.

Any location will be required to meet the ground grading requirements with playing in the Northern League and the associated competitions.

The club is determined to rebuild the club on a long term sustainable basis to bring stability and success back to the club.

With that in mind discussions have already taken place as to the long term facilities.

Once a location and facilities are agreed this will be supported by a long term business plan giving a clear focus and direction for the club.

Clearly this may take some time and may mean that in the short term changes will be needed.

However these decisions will be taken with the long term interest of the club at heart and in the interim Durham have the agreement to play out of Belle View for as long as this process may take.

The club is very sad at finding itself in this dilemma however they are united in rebuilding Durham City AFC back to something the supporters can be proud of.

In the interim we would hope that our loyal supporters continue to back the club as they are so important now in helping us rebuild for the future.

On the 29th November at 7pm the club will host a questions and answer evening at which time the supporters will get there opportunity to communicate with the club chairman and owner.

The event will take place at Belle View Stadium with the league chairman, Mike Amos and the Consett AFC chairman Frank Bell also there to take questions and answers.



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