Bedlington Terriers: Ferrell Left Frustrated with Inconsistency (Andrew McDonnell)

Ferrell Left Frustrated with Inconsistency

By Andrew McDonnell

The Terriers

The Terriers

Bedlington Terriers manager Andy Ferrell couldn’t fault the effort and commitment that his players showed during their 2-0 defeat to Consett on Saturday.

The 31-year-old was left frustrated after a positive display because four days prior they were “disgraceful” against rock-bottom West Auckland Town.

He said: “Today is the same story as I have said more than twice this season, against the bigger sides this season we have played well, their manager gave us credit at the end of the game.

“I can’t fault the effort or the commitment, we just aren’t getting the rub of the green, Kallum, Mason and a few others could have scored today.

“My main frustration is that we play so poor against the ‘so called’ lower sides, chances have to be taken in a game because they win you games.”

Ferrell spoke about finding times difficult at the moment because of the failure to attract the “experienced and better players” to the club.

The player/manager added: “I am finding it very difficult at the minute to get the more experienced players to come in because of reasons that they have gave me in confidence.

“I have warned the players before that if anyone turns up on Wednesday night and expects to win then they can text me before the game because they won’t be playing, end of.

“Their attitudes against the lower teams haven’t been right at all, Alnwick will be looking to get the scalp and John Egan would love to get one over on his former club.”

Liam Hudson departed for Whitley Bay the night before and Stephen Little announced that he was leaving after the game at the weekend.

“Stevie wanted to play against Consett out of respect for me and the lads, it is majorly disappointing to have lost my leader and captain and top goal-scorer.”

“They are our loss and someone else’s gain, they leave with my respect and I wish them all the best, they are entitled to their opinion at the end of the day” said the former professional.


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