Bedlington Terriers: Injury-Hit Terriers Find Themselves Keeperless (Andrew McDonnell)

Injury-Hit Terriers Find Themselves Keeperless

By Andrew McDonnell

The Terriers

The Terriers

Bedlington Terriers have found themselves injury-struck only three league games into the new season, with both goalkeepers also out injured to manager Andy Ferrell’s despair.

The former Gateshead player was left in a predicament with the squad being down to the “bare bones” and that the club are “desperate” to bring in a goalkeeper as well as other players. 

Ferrell said: “It is massively worrying for me, we are five games into the season and we have loads of players struggling, both of our goalkeepers are out injured.

“It isn’t just injuries that I am talking about that’s the thing, people are away on holidays, and it is an absolute nightmare for me picking a squad to play on a Saturday.

“If there is a quality player out there available then we will bring him in, we aren’t fortunate enough to give players £100 plus, we are working on a shoestring here.

“What I can guarantee though is we can give youth a try, the situation is what it is, I could name a whole squad that I’d like, but the budget would be massive.”

First-choice keeper Dan Staples suffered a severe blow to the head on the opening day of the season and Frazer Nairn, who has played since the second game of the season, is now out with a shoulder problem.

The player-manager joked: “If we don’t get somebody in by Wednesday then it looks like I will be playing in goal myself.

“We haven’t got a keeper, it is as simple as that, if there are any of the local teams in the area like Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Gateshead etc. that have anyone available then we are interested.

“In August, I don’t think I have ever heard of two goalkeepers getting injured, but that is where we are at the minute, we aren’t getting the run of the green at all.

“We are desperate to get a goalkeeper available for Wednesday night that is a must, whoever is in there, it won’t get me down, the sooner we start winning games the better.”


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