Bedlington Terriers: Ferrel – It was a ‘Great Game to be Part Of’ (Andrew McDonnell)

Ferrell – It was a “Great Game to be Part Of”

By Andrew McDonnell


Despite calling off their pre-season friendly against Heaton Stannington for the ‘Match for Margaret’, Bedlington Terriers manager Andy Ferrell claimed it was a “great” to be part of the day.

The manager said it has been pleasing to see so many talented trialist’s come in and he was pleased because their opponents “gave them a great game” and were physical.

Ferrell said: “Today was for a very good cause and the game against Heaton Stannington was called off due to this, but it was for good reasons and it was great to see so many people turn up.

“This was Koast Radio’s cup final today, it was for a very good cause, they tried to get it down and play, they were also physical and it was a good game to be part of.

“We have been very fortunate this year with the lads that have come in on trial, Kallum McGlen must be having a goal-of-the-season competition by himself because his goals have been fantastic.

Neil Dickinson, step-son of Margaret Stewart, said: “I was very pleased with today as a whole, it seems like a lot more people has come through the gate to support such a good cause and I am hopeful it can be more of an annual event.

“We were actually honoured to have played against the Bedlington Terriers first team, we gave them a good run, but the game was played in great spirit for an incredible cause.”

The manager joked: “100% record in the game, played three and won three, I’ve won a trophy, therefore I am resigning as of now.

“For me, pre-season isn’t about the results at all, once we get the next four games out the way then we are at the business end, when the season starts.”



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