Bishop Auckland: Lifelong supporters hands Bishops cash boost in will

Lifelong supporter hands Bishops cash boost in Will

What does a football club do with £300,000? That’s the dilemma facing EBAC Northern League Bishop Auckland, who have been left with that amount by a long time supporter.

Colin Rowell, who died earlier this year at the age of 79, left the money to the club in his Will with the only stipulation being that the money, which will probably come Bishops’ way when all the legal formalities have been sorted, should be spent on their recently-built ground, Heritage Park.

Chairman Richard Tremewan said; “We discovered what Colin had done about two or three months ago, when we received the call from the solicitor. We were astonished and very grateful.

“Colin was a supporter for over 70 years, he was a regular at our old Kingsway ground in the Amateur Cup days, and then he watched the club when we moved away from Kingsway to Shildon and then West Auckland. It’s a magnificent gesture, it’s like having eight FA Cup runs to the first round proper. We will commemorate Colin in some suitable way.”

There are discussions going on about what Bishops should do with the money. There are suggestions that they should maybe put down a 4G pitch, build concrete terracing down one side of the ground, cover the remaining two sides of the ground, or generally build the ground up to Conference North standard.

“We’re undecided on how we’re going to spend the money. In the short term, it will be spent on ongoing maintenance of the ground, but we also have to think about the long term future of the club. The money will be spent wisely on the ground as Colin wanted. We already have a fantastic facility — one of the best in the north east – this will make it even better.”

Alistair Nattrass, head of Hewitts private client department, said Colin’s Will was certainly unusual.

“It’s not that rare for people to leave part of their estate to a favourite charity but Colin’s Will is the largest donation we have seen to a football club. It’s nice to think that it is going to a local cause and we are delighted the club intend to honour Colin’s memory.”

Article: Ray Simpson
Photo: Real Results Marketing


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