Bedlington Terriers: Ferrell Brings in First Member of Backroom Staff ( Andrew McDonnell )

The Terriers

The Terriers

Ferrell Brings in First Member of Backroom Staff

By Andrew McDonnell

Newly appointed Bedlington Terriers manager Andy Ferrell has acted swiftly in appointing the first member of staff, in the shape of the former West Allotment Celtic head coach Paul Hogg. 

The former Gateshead midfielder claimed that it was “vital” to bring somebody in who has a wealth of experience, and also personnel who have worked under a tight budget before.

Ferrell said: “He knows quite a few of the players at the club, and he is someone that I can trust 100% to make the right call, I hope we can have a good working relationship.

“I feel that he is somebody that I can learn from and bounce off.”

Hogg, who funded his UEFA ‘A’ Licence earlier in the year, played and coaching during his eight years in the Army and stated that he wants a “professional approach” to everything at the club.

He said: “I was in the middle of doing some mentoring for the Football Association when I was approached by Andy [Ferrell], and I took a couple of days to deliberate to see what type of players he was going to bring in.

“It was his enthusiasm which bought me into it all, he is a guy that is really keen to do well and I am aware of the type of club that Bedlington are. It is time to push the club in the right direction and I would like to be part of that.

“The club has fallen from grace over the last few seasons due to a number of factors, but it would be nice to push them higher in the league.”

The 46-year-old stated that he wanted to build a team of “fighters” from the right personnel, and it is paramount that the changing room has to be “good” with a “special atmosphere”.

Hogg added: “We have a specific budget, but it isn’t about players, for me it is all about getting a good changing room which has a special atmosphere.

“I follow the league well, and for whatever reason a team doesn’t just fall apart, there had to be underlining reasons. I want a team of fighters.”

Money and time “isn’t an issue” stated Hogg, “We will be training twice a week and we will be flexible in the way we go about each opponent.

“The team will have a ‘Plan A’ and if that doesn’t work we will have a ‘Plan B’ ‘Plan C’ ‘Plan D’ etc.”


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