Groundhopper: Edinburgh United – Montrose Roselea (Malcolm Stephenson)

Edinburgh United 2 Montrose Roselea 2 (30/5/15)


Its FA cup Final day and I was thinking of watching the game on the telly. Especially with Blyth Spartans being represented by our very own Vice Chairman, singing Abide with me at Wembley in the Songs of Praise choir. That would have been a proud moment for anyone representing the club. I had been in the competition and had reached the last 5 entries but obviously not won. I felt like a competitor in Britain’s got talent not winning but unlike the show was not devastated in not winning it. It was so good seeing the television later when i got home seeing the choir and the green and white stripes of a Spartans shirt on the hallowed turf at Wembley.


But if I can find a game then I was off to that instead. FA cup final or not. Today it was up to Scotland again. This time for an East region Premier Scottish junior game. United play at Paties road in the Colinton area of Edinburgh. It was another 10 minutes train ride from Waverley to the South of the city in the Colinton area. I thought I knew where I was going but quickly got lost. I called a taxi from as nearby pub as kick off was approaching soon. The taxi picked me up from the ‘Blue Goose’ (great name for a pub) and even the driver had no idea where he was going. Thank goodness for Sat Navs as I was at the ground in about 5 minutes and £7.50 lighter. God, taxis are not cheap.


We pulled up outside a nursery and I though this could not be it surely. Yes it was. The other side of the building was the football pitch. There was only one gate to the ground. It was only £5 but unfortunately no programme. I was not expecting one really at this level. Years gone by I probably would not visit a ground if they did not do a programme but I am getting less fussy in my later years.


Edinburgh United were formed in 1985 and are the only junior league club in the City. The other non league clubs play in the senior leagues, East of Scotland league or Lowland league. The ground has a main stand that seats 200 spectators. This building also comprises of the nursery as well and half of it is used for this purpose The railed pitch has no hard standing around it. The two dug outs are on the far side of the pitch. The team play in black and white.


Montrose Roselea were formed in 1930 and play their games at Broomfield Park. If you go on their website they have a nice little ground from the photos I saw. The club plays in green strips. No I have not been there but maybe one day?


Both teams were mid table as the game kicked off. It was equal until about 10 minutes when Montrose got a penalty which they converted to put them one up. On 16 minutes the home side equalised. It was even as both sides were putting their all into the game. There was no official linesman and were just clubs officials for both sides. In this league they are not allowed to give offside’s and that made senses why they never moved from where they were standing the whole game. They were also standing on the same half as each other.


On 31 minutes Montrose restored their lead and went in at the break 2-1 up. I tried one of their pies which are always good in Scotland. Plenty of meat and only a £1. The type you would pay at least £3.50 for at a Football league ground. The home side never gave up in the second half and they equalised again on 63 minutes. Late in the game a Edinburgh played put in a really hard tackle which seemed to follow through and cut his man down. He was sent off. I thought it was a fair tackle but the referee had other ideas.


The game finished 2-2 and I thought the season was over for Edinburgh Utd. No, they still had another game left this Wednesday.


For me I think this is definitely the end of my season as I really have run out of games to go to. Never mind the friendlies for next season start 5 weeks on Saturday!



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