Bedlington Terriers: Ferrell – ‘Commitment’ was to Blame not Ability (Andrew McDonnell)


Ferrell –  ‘Commitment’ was to Blame not Ability

By Andrew McDonnell



Bedlington Terriers player-assistant manager Andrew Ferrell blamed the lack of commitment of the side, not their ability, for the defeat against relegated Celtic Nation.

Ferrell, stepped in as manager against the Cumbrians’s, admitted that the side threw in the towel after getting back into the game, and that the player need to “have a word with themselves”. 

Ferrell said: “This isn’t any disrespect to them, they are relegated and Celtic Nation won today because of our lack of commitment, not our lack of ability.

“I said to the lads at half-time that they had two options, get the early goal or throw the towel in, we got the early goal, but then threw the towel in which was poor.

“If we got beat and had a go then fair enough, but we didn’t. I said at full-time that the players need to have a word with themselves, the score line tells it all.”

Bedlington have now won only one game since the turn of the year, and the game against Celtic Nation was the chance to end the poor run, but they were poor in the final third, not taking their chances.

He added: “The only positive we have is that there’s one game left and that’s the season over. They aren’t a good side, they are the second worst team in the league and have been relegated.

“Everyone at the game could tell that their keeper couldn’t kick the ball or dive, and we couldn’t hit the target at all with any of our shots, the one time we did, it went in.”

The Terriers still have a big say in who will win the title, with their final game of the season coming against a Shildon side that need to win to go on and win the title.

“We are playing Shildon on Wednesday night and they are flying, if Celtic Nation can score six against us then they would be able to score 20 against us if we play like we did today.”

“Maybe that is what the lads need, a big game like Wednesday where we can roll up our sleeves and go for it”, Ferrell concluded.

The Terriers

The Terriers



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