Bedlington Terriers : Innes – We Need to Get Back to Basics ( Andrew McConnell )

Innes – We Need to Get Back to Basics

The Terriers

The Terriers


By Andrew McDonnell

Following his side’s heavy defeat against Penrith, Bedlington Terriers manager Gary Innes  that his side needs to get ‘back to basics’ in defence following errors that have led to conceding. 

He said: “Again I am very disappointed with the performance, mainly at the way the side lacked composure and heart.

“We simply need to go back to basics in defence and it has to be simple because the players aren’t as good as they think.”

Bedlington’s boss was left disappointed with the performance once again, and with the side picking up two points in the last ten games he is aiming to regroup the squad and lift the confidence.

Adam Harvey scored the Terriers’ consolation goal deep into injury time with a bullet into the bottom corner, but another disappointing performance has seen the side slip to 17th in the Northern League Division One.

Innes, who won his first game in charge away to Bishop Auckland, added: “We are not defending properly, and individual errors, bad decision making, lack of composure upfront and no quality in the final third is where the side is going wrong.

“I am going to remind the players that they are playing for places next season and that they also need to keep working in training.”

With only two games remaining in the season, against Celtic Nation and Penrith at home, the manager will be looking ahead to next season, which players to keep and whom is suitable to help the side get out of the poor run.

He concluded: “Celtic Nation have nothing to play for so it will be a very hard game, I expect to win every game, but we need to do a professional job and make sure that we get the three points.

“Confidence comes with good performances and winning, and again we need to regroup and maintain the team spirit.”


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