Bedlington Terriers: Innes – We Never Showed Up Today (Andrew McDonnell)

The Terriers

The Terriers

Innes – We Never Showed Up Today


By Andrew McDonnell

Bedlington Terriers manager Gary Innes said that his side never showed up during their 6-2 defeat to West Allotment Celtic at Whitley Park.

Bedlington fell behind after 36 seconds in the game when Michael Bell rounded off a counter attack, and even though Jordan Nellis pulled one back straight after the interval. 

Straight after the game Innes said: “I am very disappointed, we were very poor, you can’t go starting the game like we did, 30 seconds in and the opposition score and we just never recovered from that.

“I thought when we scored straight away from the kick-off that we might have gotten back into it, I thought if we could create chances then we may get back into it and salvage something, but the damage was done in the first-half.”

Throughout, the game was wide open and end-to-end, although Bedlington’s chances was few and far between, and being four down at half-time was too much of an uphill battle for the Terriers.

He added: “Our discipline was the main area we went wrong, the game was stretched from the first minute and we never showed up, we were never in the game today.

“I thought West Allotment [Celtic] battled us all game, they won every first ball, every second ball and deserved the win today.”

Along with J.Nellis, Lee Scott managed to get his second goal in two games after a long four month goal drought.

Innes labelled his goal as “one of the only positives” he can take from the game along with the performances of all three substitutes in the second-half.

He concluded: “We have a very tough few games, for some reason we up our game against the clubs that are going for the title, it is a positive that we play a top team next week.”


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