News: Darlington DFC 500 Club

Closure of DFC500 Club and Vice-Presidents’ Club Initiatives

 Amended scheme imageThe Board of Directors can confirm that the DFC500 and Vice-Presidents’ Club packages that have been available to fans since the launch on 6 March 2015 are now no longer available.

A total of £244,444 (excluding VAT) has been raised, exceeding the initial £225,000 target that was set so as to be able to ensure a minimum Category C Ground Grading facility at Blackwell Meadows next season.

A total of 287 advanced packages have been sold and, combined with a number of individual donations and equity injections, the Board of Directors is delighted with the response from the loyal fan base.

Martin Jesper, Chief Executive Officer, explains; “This has been an impressive and hugely successful initiative. We achieved our key financial target in a manner and speed that exceeded many people’s expectations, created awareness in the media and intrigue from other clubs. Our focus now switches towards funding next season’s operational activities.

“The Board remains committed to providing value for money, whilst also ensuring the Club remains viable and sustainable, and to making the game accessible to the widest possible cross-section of supporters and we will be launching our 2015-16 Season Ticket initiative in the next few days on that basis.”

The extension of the Heading Home scheme, for an additional two weeks after announcing that the target had been reached, saw a noticeable slowdown, including some cancellations, to the steady demand that had been enjoyed since its launch. The Board has taken due note for future fund raising initiatives and related announcements.

Mr Jesper adds; “It is a huge relief that the initial target has been reached, however we would now like all fans and supporter groups to ramp up their own individual efforts to raise funds through whatever means possible and continue to contribute towards enhancing the facilities at Blackwell Meadows even more – the Heading Home funding campaign does not, and should not, stop here!”

Fans keen to make a difference to the future and fortunes to their Club are still able to invest equity into the Club by contacting and interested commercial partners should contact the Club via in order to discuss corporate packages for next season that can be tailored to their individual needs.


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