Darlington: Blackwell Meadows Planning Permission Approved

The Board of Directors of Darlington Football Club (DFC) is delighted to confirm that Darlington Borough Council (DBC) has today given approval for the development of Blackwell Meadows in line with the detailed plans that have previously been submitted.

As expected, a number of ongoing and agreed conditions have been applied to this planning consent – formalising the additional work streams that all parties have been working on in recent weeks.  DFC, DBC and Darlington Rugby Football Club (DRFC) continue to work towards a timescale of playing the Club’s first home league game of next season at Blackwell Meadows.

This represents a significant step forward in the Club’s planned return to Darlington, particularly with the success of the Heading Home fund raising initiative already in place.

Details of the progress of the project will continue to be made public by the Board as key events unfold over the next few months.

In the meantime, the Board would like to formally place on record its enormous thanks specifically to Malcolm Cundick, a long standing fan of the Club and Managing Director of Alpha Architects in Darlington whose patience, toil and tenacity has ensured that this has become a reality through his role as Project Manager.  Ongoing thanks are also given to all the other individuals, DRFC and DBC who continue to put a significant amount of time and effort every week into making this move possible for the benefit of so many, and who will be continuing to do so until we are permanently back in the town.


The Board of Directors


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