Bedlington Terriers: Ferrell – “Lack of Fight and Effort” Punished Us (Andrew McDonnell)

Ferrell – “Lack of Fight and Effort” Punished Us

By Andrew McDonnell

Bedlington Terriers player/assistant manager Andy Ferrell was left “disappointed” and blamed a lack of fight and effort for their second-half collapse against Bishop Auckland.

Ferrell was making his full debut for Bedlington and throughout the game he was the side’s stand-out performer in midfield, controlling the tempo and picking out key passes.

He said: “I am disappointed, we shouldn’t have threw it away, both goals that we conceded were our own mistakes, it was the same as last week, and all six goals were our mistakes.

“Our decision making, lack of fight, lack of effort, we did everything right in the first half, but then we thought we had won the game and we were punished.

The midfielder claimed that their opponents were “average” and that the Terriers failed to put pressure on them and showed the Bishop’s too much respect in the second-half.

Ferrell concluded: “The side needs to play for pride for themselves, they are playing if they want to be here next season or at another club, and if other teams were watching that today, they wouldn’t be wanting many of our lads.”

“It’s a perfect game for us next week, there is something at stake, West Allotment aren’t going to be a pushover, they will be playing for pride and won’t want to get beat.”


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