Quakers hit impressive fundraising landmark

The Board of Directors of Darlington Football Club have announced that, to date, more than 250 fans have purchased the extended season ticket packages.

Together with other equity injections and donations, the initial £225,000 target for funding the return to Darlington has been reached within just 2 weeks of its launch.

With plans for the Club to return to Darlington continuing to progress positively, the Board will be able to demonstrate the success of this initiative to the Football Foundation as part of the process to secure eligible FSIF grant funding.

Due to this key milestone being reached so quickly, the Board has decided to extend the deadline for the initiative by a further 2 weeks until Monday 6 April 2015, thereby allowing more time for fans to raise the funds across the month end and to join the exclusivity of the DFC500 or Vice-Presidents’ Clubs.

As a result of the huge interest in this initiative, and also the news that the Club’s new website has already had more than 12,000 unique visitors in the same period, the Board is now asking the devoted fans of the Club, old and new, young and old, to continue to dig deep and help build a ground with an even greater potential capacity and has increased the target to £300,000 to be raised through this initiative.

Achieving the additional £75,000 should allow the Club the opportunity to develop the facilities at Blackwell Meadows to FA Ground Grading Category B rather than Category C criteria, which is currently required, and thereby be fit for purpose in the event of further progression through the leagues.

Local businesses and fans keen to support this Heading Home campaign through commercial packages or equity injections are also encouraged to continue to contact the Club at commercial@dfc1883.co.uk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. whilst the opportunity exists. Further details are available on the Club’s official site.


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