New Boss has “Set the Standards High” (Andrew McDonnell)

With Gary Innes winning his first game in charge as Bedlington Terriers manager, it has set the standards high for the rest of the season.

Innes expressed his belief in wanting the Terriers to become a more organised side and believes that confidence is the key to continuing the momentum into the next few games.

He said: “Bedlington has a great history, but a club is only as good as their fan base so it is up to me to keep the standards high.

“I would like to think we will be a tighter unit. I like to be organised and that’s the way I want us to play, nice and creative in attack and solid at the back.

“Confidence, winning and the feeling the lads had at the end of the game will hopefully continue this early momentum.”

He now faces several difficult challenges in the forthcoming weeks, with trips to Newcastle Benfield and Consett plus home ties against league-leaders West Auckland Town and high-flying Marske United.

Innes admits it will be a big test and said: “The biggest test I have overcome is becoming a dad, and the ethics behind that is to have compassion and to take pride in what you do, this is exactly the knowledge I will be using in the job.

The Terriers

The Terriers


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