Non-League Day partners with FA to promote Trophy Final

The last five years have seen Non-League Day (NLD) grow from being an event on Facebook to an annual national campaign which has grabbed the attention of clubs, leagues, the media and most importantly the fans.

Non-League Day Partners With F.A. To Promote Trophy Final

As NLD has grown it has received many requests to run a second event during the season to get even more people involved. Given the huge amount of time and effort and to preserve the uniqueness of NLD, the organisers have never really been able to entertain this idea but have thought about other ways they could do things.

New event
NLD’s favourite alternative was to create an event where, rather than send football fans to a wide variety of grounds around the country, they would encourage them to head to just one ground, bringing as many members of the non-league community together in the same place at the same time.

James Doe, Founder of Non-League Day explains, “It then came to our attention that this year’s FA Trophy Final is taking place on Sunday 29th March during the spring international break. Being on the Sunday, it allows fans of virtually every team in the country – whether they follow a club in the Premier League, Football League or non-league – to take part.

“We have therefore partnered with The Football Association in an initiative to try and mobilise fans in a different way and bring as many of us together at the country’s national stadium for one of the non-league game’s most prestigious finals.”


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