The Gaffer Tapes

After the Benfield game I thought we couldn’t play any worse, unfortunately I was wrong and our performance v West Allotment was nothing more than shocking and hopefully will never be seen again. It was simply not good enough.
That display from the same team that beat Shildon & West Auckland had me baffled and lost for words.
However, one thing it did do was put me back on the lookout for new players this season as I am not prepared to wait until the summer after recent displays.

I am hopeful of 1 or 2 new faces in the next week or so, and some players may leave who have may be thought themselves regulars, and this may surprise a few people, but that’s football, players and manager live on results, every player has been gently warned of the situation.

One player I am very happy to see back in time for the Marske game is Chris Wallace, who will add a lot of aggression and physical presence to the team, in recent weeks Chris has been a big miss.

Anyhow, I hope and trust we will perform much better v Penrith and my next notes won’t be so frustrating.



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